A Little Lomo For Your Saltado

I want to try!!! ❤

Bespoke Traveler

lomo-saltadoClimbing a mountain sure does work up an appetite. So does exploring the ancient city of Machu Picchu for the whole day. All that hard work deserves a hearty reward. Which is why we dug into this classic Peruvian dish of lomo saltado the minute we stepped back into civilization. Wandering in a lost city followed by a delicious meal is the perfect way to end the travel day for us. All that is left is to find some chicha beer to finish things off.

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When we need a change!

When I was younger (15/16 years old) I wanted to cut and dye my hair.

My mon, my sister and basically all my family said no.

After some years, when I started living by myself, I decided it was time to do something that only I wanted!

One day, My long hair was gone. I had short hair and I loved it!!!

The look in the face of my friends was priceless and when my mom saw the picture, she just said “if your are happy with it..”

Now I am 21 and I dyed my hair for the first time, by myself, even if everybody said “no!”

Sometimes you just need a change and you shouldn’t let people tell you what not to do with youe body.

I am happy not because of the color or how long it is my hair…. I am happy because I did something that I wanted and didn’t let “social pressure” take over me as it always did!

Girls and boys, if you dream to do something, it doesn’t matter how small or big, it’s your decision and the only thing I ask you is…be happy doing what you want, but don’t hurt anybody 😉