First half marathon!!!

Today I did my first half marathon and it was AMAZING!

I woke up at 5.45 am to get ready and get to the  bus station. One hour and a half to get to  Padua and there I found the shuttle bus that was going to get the runners to the starting point.

I was so nervous. That week I only did 2 kms and I wasn’t really feeling prepared. But that is the first thing I learned during this experience: how i feel or how my mind wants me to feel are 2 different things.

2 Minutes before the start I was literally shaking but once we started moving everything came naturally.

I started running, slow pace of course, and there was so many people cheering us up that I just couldn’t feel bad.

My knee and my ankle were hurting from the first km but I manage to do all the first 5km non stop. Then I started walking after we got to drink and eat.

From the 10th km things started to get difficult. There was less people cheering us up and I started doubting myself. But I never stopped. I walked, non shame on admitting it, but never stopped.

We had the opportunity to be taken to the finish line with a bus if we wanted to give up…would you give up on the opportunity to say that you finish a half marathon? Or a hole marathon if you are a more advanced athlete. I don’t think so.

When I reached the km 17 I couldn’t run anymore. My feet were swollen and I had cramps all over my left leg. And my butt?…well, no comment.

From there on I started to walk/run and only at the last km I was able to find the strenght to run again till the end. (Thanks to the people telling me to keep it up and that I was almost there <3)

I cried.

I swear, I cried before I got to the finish line. I felt so amazing, so strong and yet so fragile…

Yes, I know is not a hole marathon, I know is not a triathlon or an ironman but for it it felt like it was!!! I defeated my worst enemy: myself.

You are your only limit. If you listen to that stupid inner voice that tells you that “you can’t” than you won’t!

I didn’t listen to her and I just kept going and this is just my first step.

The human body is capable of so many thing and I want to explore them all!!!




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