Qualità ad un ottimo prezzo. La mia esperienza con le Nike Lunartempo!

Partendo dal presupposto che tutte le mie scarpe da corsa sono state (e saranno sempre) Nike, mi sembra anche giusto insistere su un fattore molto importante: la scelta di una scarpa adatta al tuo piede e per lo sport giusto è fondamentale!

Per anni ho usato scarpe comprate o ricevute senza preoccuparmi delle sue caratteristiche. A me bastava vedere quella specie di spuntina che mi fa sempre tornare bambina. Una bambina felice con un paio di nuove Nike.

Un giorno, però, mi ritrovo a comprare delle belle scapre (si, le ho scelte solo per i colori sgargianti) che una volta portate in pista mi hanno fatto soffrire tantissimo.

Quando ho chiesto a qualcuno piu esperto come mai mi succedesse questo mi disse:

-“Ovvio che ti diano fastidio, sono scarpe da trail!”-

Ecco, mai piu!

Strada, sterrato o trail che sia, la scarpa giusta è la prima ad assicurarti un buon risultato. L’allenamento farà il resto.

Finchè corri 5/6 km a settimana, non fa niente, ma quando diventano 30km settimanali vedrete che i vostri piedini vi chiederanno di essere trattati come re.

Io partivo da una media di 8min/km. A quella velocità potevo usare anche le infradito. Ora che bene o male riesco a rimanere anche sotto i 5.30min/km e per ben 21km, noto subito la differenza tra le mie vecchie scarpe da ginnastica e le nuove.

Benissimo, ora passiamo a parlare di questa mia dolce scoperta. Le lunartempo.

La prma volta che le ho prese, sono andata all’outlet di Noventa. Prezzi stracciati. Mi sono costate 75€ nel 2017.

*essendo una studentessa quei soldi sono un bel investimento,lo capisco. Ma fidatevi, le scarpe buone possono costare anche più di 100€!

Ci ho messo circa due ore ad uscire da quel negozio. Dopo averle provate ho preso il telefono e letto tutte le recensioni possibili ed immaginabili. Molto positive.

Portate a casa, le ho provate subito.

Volavo. Letteralmete ti sembra di volare , o camminare, sulle nuvole.

I colori fluo tipici della Nike ti danno una botta visiva ma la loro leggerezza (210gr) ti danno la sensazione di correre comodamente scalzo.

L’anno scorso correvo relativamente poco. Mai piu di 5/6km ad allenamento. Solo qualche volta al mese. Mi ci sono sempre trovata bene.

Da questa’anno, che i km sono aumentati e ho potuto testarle nelle mie due mezze maratone, confermo che la qualità è ottima.

Scarpe leggere. Strette al punto giusto e con grande supporto. Dopo 2 ore di utilizzo ti sembra ancora di non indossarle.

Io ho il piede cavo e una leggera pronazione. Uso plantari per non sentire dolore con le scarpe normali. Quando indosso le lunartempo, posso andare avanti per ore senza sentire (quasi) nessun fastidio.

Ora sto aspettando un nuovo paio di scapre che ho trovato in saldo qui. A 60 euro invece che 121…meglio di cosi?

Quindi, perchè consiglio queste scarpe?

1)Colori sempre vivaci

2)Adatte a corsa su strada e sterrato(sull’argine vanno da dio)

3)Ottime per le mezze maratone.

*Ad aprile le testerò anche per la maratona e vi faccio sapere.

4) Adatte anche per gli allenamenti di velocità.

Questa è solo la mia esperienza, vi consiglio sempre di leggere o chiedere quante piu informazioni potete prima di comprare le vostre nuove scarpette, soprattutto in vista di una gara.

Io ormai le ho messe al primo posto e per ora non sento la necessità di provare un nuovo modello. (ache se ammetto che sono curiosa riguardo alle pegasus 34).

Eventualmente vi aggiroerò anche su quelle!!!

Spero di esservi stata di aiuto e BUONA CORSA 🙂


From depression to a Marathon…

6 months have gone away since I moved to Padua, by myself.

The first three months were really hard. Going from a 3-year(future marriage) relationship to single was hard to accept and even harder to manage.

Alcohol and almost suicidal thoughts were my daily companions.

When I was starting to go out of that blue circle, problems at work came.

Problems inside my family followed. They think I am not doing anything with my life.

* I am a part-time waitress that lives alone and goes to college. What else should I be doing to make them proud of me? I am no superman.

Everything was going down.

I was drowning.

The only thing that kept me motivated was the commitment I made one year ago: beating my personal best at Padua’s half marathon in April.

So yes, running was the only good thing I had and still have at the moment.

I made a pact with myself: finish the half marathon and then you can decide if you still want to live or not.

So I got into it. I tried to…

I used to go out, run 1km (0.62 miles) and feel exhausted.

I would do 3 runs per weeks. 3kms in total. 15kms per months…more or less. That was not gonna take me anywhere.

When April was approaching I decided to go for it with everything I had, so I joined a running group. #bomberun the best team you will ever meet!

My first run with them was amazing. Hard, but amazing.

8kms in 50 minutes.

I will never forget it.

It was the starting point of an adventure that might not come to an end.

That day, I understood that everything was inside my head.

All the times I stopped after the first km wasn’t because I was physically tired but because I wasn’t strong enough to push away my little squeaky voice that yells “you are not good enough, stop trying”

That day I learned that my legs can run for hours, it’s my mind that needs to be trained!

From that day, I haven’t done less than 20 minutes of running.

The day of the race I ran all the distance. 13.1 miles, nonstop.

I went from a 2h 48 minutes record (23/04/2017) to a 2h 18 minutes personal best (22/04/2018)

One year of difference. And this was just the beginning.

One month later (27/05/2018) the personal best becomes 2h 15minutes.

Now I end up the month with 100kms done; I am training for 2 new half marathons and from septmeber, I will officially start training for a full marathon!!!

Some days still suck, family and work problems are still there, but the way I handle them changed.

Once you realize you can go through hell for 2 hours, you understand that you can deal with anything.

A distance runner has 3 main qualities: determination, guts and a lot of craziness.

The qualities that will take me far…on the track and in life.

Now I believe in myself and soon I will show everybody what I am made of!

This is my suggestion to anyone going through a bad moment: find your rhythm and enjoy the ride.

It doesn’t mean you have to run too. Try cycling, yoga or hiking. Get up that couch, leave your phone at home and go out for an adventure. It won’t solve your problems but it will give you back the control of something really important to start finding those answers: yourself!

Good luck and remember: “if you are going through hell, keep going!”


Edinburgh’s Half marathon and city tour!

It’s Tuesday and 2 days have passed since race day.

I am writing to you from my bed, with my legs still hurting while I look for next year’s Marathons! (Because, of course, I said this was going to be the last!)

I want to talk about my experience because maybe out there someone wants to do this crazy experience but it’s afraid, or worried, or doesn’t know where to start.

I don’t have any runner friends so I had to do this all by myself. It worked out great and gave me a lot of time to think about me, how my life is going and how I want it to be. So, if you are not willing to be highly connected to your inner self for a few days, then it’s not the trip for you.

It all started when my boss told me to decide when I wanted to go on vacation. I already knew I wanted to run somewhere so I checked all the races available and found the Edinburgh marathon festival on the last weekend of May. It was perfect.

I baught the bib. This is the information for this year.

Order details:

2018 EMF Half – Standard Entry £34.00
2018 EMF medal insert £7.00
My Details entry system fee £2.10
Order TOTAL £43.10
Payment received £43.10

So, more or less 50 euros.

Then I booked the flight with E-dreams. The flight was with Ryanair and it cost 120 euros to go and come back.

Next step was finding a place to stay. This was actually the shocking part for me.

-Hotels: are super expensive ( 150€ for two nighs, per person).

-Airbnb: wasn’t having any better offers near the start area.

-Couchsurfing: I tough about it too late. The only guy that answered me sadly left in that same week so couldn’t host me.

*I suggest you try this options first, maybe you will be lucky.

-My final solution was a hostel. I am a really lonely person and crowded rooms or houses are not for me, but since I was already doing this crazy trip, why not keep facing all my fears!

I used the “booking” app. I have the (genius) feature so I technically have better prices for the rooms. I changed my mind about 3 times. I booked one first hostel because it was cheap but too far from the city center.

The second one was near but I didn’t like the idea of sleeping in a mixed room.

The third one was just perfect: “the baxster hostel” . Situated near Princess street, one minute from Waverly train station.  A 10minutes walk from the race starting point. The room I slept in was for 9 people, girls only. The hostel has a high demand so I suggest you book as soon as you can. The staff is very kind, they serve breakfast from 8 to 10. They will cook you scrambled eggs and toast, give you cereals, jam, milk and orange juice. (For further questions you can always leave a comment and I will answer if possible.)  *I paid € 85 (£74) for 2 nights.

(delays are VERY common when flying with Ryanair) of from/to Treviso, because they have time slots and you might be waiting inside the aircraft for a while till they give the permission to go. I arrived at the airport of Edinburgh at midnight. I made the decision of staying in the airport. It was a hard, long and cold night. Hours were not passing by. I would probably try to be more prepared for this kind of situations next time. At least a blanket could have saved me. At around 7 am I got on the bus that takes you to the city center. (£4,50 one way, 7,50 both ways)- you better get them both ways right away 😉

It took us like 40 minutes to get to the city. The view was quite nice. Many houses looking all the same. It was like being in a movie.

Once I arrived in the city center (right in front of Waverly’s station) I decided to go get my race number. *overseas runners NEED to get their race bib on the help desk on Friday or  Saturday. I got them on Saturday morning, and the marathon festival already started, so the city was quite full. I had to walk for 15 minutes to get to the “Dynamic earth” meeting point. Inside the Holyrood Park.

I got my number, had a look around and cheered the little ones doing the 5k.

At 12pm I ate something and went to the hostel. Check-in can be done only after 2pm but they will kindly let you stay in the kitchen/living room if you get there earlier. I waited there for 2 hours, had some tea (free coffee and tea are available all day long)

My first day basically ended there because I was too tired to walk around and you need to be aware that almost everything closes at 5pm (museums, the castle, shops, ect)

My race day experience would need a whole new blog to be written so will just say that:

-it was freezing, foggy and slightly raining. Not the best forecast to expect.

-The route had more ups and downs then what they want to make you believe!

-If you are an Italian runner used to having crackers and banana at the refreshment points, be prepared. Only water and one energy gel.

-The race is fast, you won’t even realize that you got to the end. It’s a beautiful path and running through the coast is amazing.

At the end, you get your medal and t-shirt ❤

What an amazing feeling!!!

Of course, you meet with friends and family; get yourself a massage; drink some beer and get some greasy burger. Have all the photos that you want!!!

But then try to go home. If you bought a ticket to return to the city center by bus, expect a 20-minute walk. That was hard! :p but not impossible.

Another 40-minute ride to get back to the center and find a city full of marathoners wearing your same t-shirt!!! That was really cute. It went on until monday when I decided it was finally time to visit the city and many other runners were wearing the finisher t-shirt. We were quite recognizable.

My tips for visiting Edinburgh at it’s best is: A free tour! I booked with City explorers and the meeting point was on the royal mile, next to the coffee house. Tours have different time slots and last 2 hours. They are SUPER WORTH IT! Just do it. You won’t regret it.

We visited the royal mile, went through different roads, like the one that inspired Diagon Alley, the castle, saw and understood many statues. (for the harry potter fans, you will see the place were Rawling wrote the first word of the book, where she got inspired when thinking about Hogwarts and also where she got some of the names for the characters- Tom riddle, McGonagall, moody…)

It was an intense, yet lovely experience. A big applause to my tour guide Euan, a young boy that showed a lot of passion for what he does. You will laugh a lot with him.

I didn’t actually enter anywhere, but I think the most do’s are:

-National Museum of Scotland

-The castle

-The Greyfriars kirkyard

-Botanical garden

-Arthur’s seat (don’t suggest it the day before or after the race. It depends on how you feel, of course.)

And many other. (the whiskey experience, the zoo, camera oscura,)

This is just a quick sum up of what happened in 4 days of holidays. There is a lot more to tell, and as I said, for any questions don’t be afraid to ask!

I will leave some links below, where you can contact me or find more information about the race, the city, ect!

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you at the next half 😉




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